Supplying students
with a brighter future

Through our partnership with the Kids in Need Foundation, we′re helping children get the school supplies they need today, so they can succeed tomorrow. It′s how we′re giving back to the communities that support us across the country.

Helping Kids Most In Need

See how the Kids in Need Foundation works to ensure
every child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom.

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Georgia-Pacific is proud to be the National Paper
 Sponsor of the Kids in Need Foundation

At GP, we know how important paper is in the classroom. It′s actually one of the most requested school supplies from teachers. So partnering with the Kids in Need Foundation just makes sense.

Studies show that children who are prepared for school perform better in their academics. We want to give them a boost with their physical supplies as well as their self-esteem. This partnership allows GP to reach thousands of underprivileged kids and help facilitate a more positive learning environment and that′s something we can get behind.


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How you can help

Every time you buy GP Papers, you′re helping support the Kids in Need Foundation. We, the Kids in Need Foundation, and students and teachers across the nation thank you.